Meet Our Team

We are but a handful of a wider community of over 6,000 peep's across the globe who are proud to be a part of the Bliss United team.

Our epic first lady Tara Bliss is responsible for lighting the way. She's the one who led us down the rabbit hole and took our blinkers off to discover this new way of life and creating a business. From there, thousands of women have since linked arms, introduced to Bliss United by their own contacts and welcomed into the sisterhood. Tara has achieved doTerra's second highest leadership rank in such a crazy short amount of time and in 2017 will become Australia's third Presidential Diamond which is unfreakinbelievable for someone who is yet to turn 30.

I myself am Gold going on Platinum before the year is out and I. AM. EXCITED.

Say hello to the women I gratefully get to create a business and life I love with every day....

Casey VonIderstein

Seriously, what a goddess. Casey is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, and Certified Yin Yoga + Meditation Teacher. Her forte is helping women systematically simplify and detoxify their lives through her love of mindfulness practices and toxin-free living. Casey is based in Boston and every week via Zoom we get to bathe in her goofball sense of humour and bloody radiant way of being. She is awesome and you can find her at Karmic Wellness.

Gretchen Fraser

Is a Kiwi with soul! She's also a corporate Lawyer who decided she wanted more from life and to create a business she could be passionate about. Gretchen is proof that it doesn't matter what your background, anyone can build a business with doTerra if you just have the guts and determination to see it through. I adore her.

Carllye Elder

Is generosity embodied. Carllye would do anything for you and go the extra mile for you. It is such an honour to create magic with her because you just know that she is never going to throw in the towel. With a massive heart that just wants to dive deep into philanthropy, Carl's has big dreams and when she's excited about something, watch out because her enthusiasm knows no bounds and she gets very very loud :) From being a corporate marketing executive for one of Australia's biggest banks to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and now a doTerra business partner, Carllye has a wealth of multi faceted experience to offer.

Anna Mihelis

Is a mumma to two gorgeous little boys and a Certified Health Coach who you can find at Wellness by Anna. For the past fourteen years Anna worked as a hair stylist and business owner but for the past five years her focus has been primarily on health and wellness. Anna loves helping people achieve success and sharing her secrets with others to regain their health and wellbeing. She believes achieving career goals, finding love, having lasting relationships and everything else we strive for in life first and foremost starts with your well–being and how you’re feeling. It's been an absolute joy to work Anna the past 2 years and watch her develop a new thriving business for herself and her family.

Shannele Newbery

Is a certified Health Coach specialising in Women and Pregnancy who you can connect with over at Live In Your Light. Shanelle was a professional Hair Stylist for many years making some of Australia's most famous look their best. After a dramatic health scare in South America, Shannele began to make health and wellbeing her number one priority and began to systematically overhaul all areas of her life to begin living one of alignment and truth. She is heart and soul embodied. A giver of love, service and worlds best hugs. She is truly remarkable. This woman is on a mission and I am so damn excited for what the future and doTerra holds for her.

Tammy Wiley

Tammy has a story to tell and one that many people will unfortunately experience. Years of being a party girl took it's toll on Tammy's health and she was diagnosed with Auto Immune Disease which turned her world upside down. Tammy is on a mission to regain her health and happiness and fulfil her true potential. She wants to share her story with others so that they may know they are not alone in their health journey. Tammy is the epitome of tenacity, despite adversity she just keeps moving forward one step at a time. I admire the shit out of her.

Vicki Romanic

Vicki is a natural healing therapist specialising in Flower Essence, Pranic Healing, Meditation and Essential Oils. Vicki is also a Hair Stylist by trade and utilises her background in natural therapies to offer her clients a beautifully supportive environment. Vicki is incredibly observant and offers such deep insight and understanding around the human psyche and emotions. She is such a wonderful soul to be around and a source of wisdom.

Natalie Bird

Dr Nat is a Chiropractor by trade and Owner of multiple businesses including the Platinum Chiropractic and Wellbeing and Coconut My Body, a temple to all things coconut! She's a little dynamo, multi hat wearing, go getting, humanitarian at heart, soul centered woman who has just made her foray into building her third business....with doTerra.

As you can see, we really do come from all walks and we attract all types. There is nobody that cannot do what we are doing and create what we are creating. 

If you have the dream and the determination, we will give you the know how and tools to make the dream reality. 

Ready?? Let's Go!!