All About Hinoki Essential Oil

All About Hinoki Essential Oil
Shinrin-Yoku is otherwise known as the practice of Forest Bathing in Japan.

Hinoki is Japan's Cypress tree and it is these forests that have become famous in studies for their ability to have a profound change on one's wellbeing. Hinoki is the most beautiful invitation for the whole family to Forest Bathe every single day and reap the benefits.

The chemical constituents in Hinoki through inhalation alone promote the formation and activity of Natural Killer cells which are critical first-line defense agents for our immune system. A 20% increase in NK cells has been recorded through diffusing of Hinoki alone.

Those same aromatic compounds also positively affected blood pressure, slowed breathing, reduced adrenaline and cortisol levels, and enhanced parasympathetic nervous system activity resulting in improved overall health and vitality.

Particularly during Winter and these strange strange times we find ourselves in, Hinoki is a very valuable oil to have in our possession to improve our immune response to seasonal threats and improve our stress response.

This is an oil to enjoy each and every day in your diffuser friends!

All About Hinoki Essential Oil
Image by Jason Blackeye/ Unsplash

Hinoki is considered to be a relatively endangered species thanks to it's prized use in Japanese buildings and Tatami mats. Seeing an environmental and economic need, doTERRA partnered with groups in Japan to use the timber industry’s by-product of Hinoki wood to create this beautiful oil. Through the Hinoki Co-Impact Sourcing effort, doTERRA not only contributes to Japan’s forest management programs but also creates needed jobs across rural Japan—ensuring that this unique, premium oil continues to give back to the people of its native land.

Hinoki is a fantastic alternative to Helichrysum when it comes to Liquid Stitches' superpowers. Hinoki is armed with those same abilities to stem bleeding and encourage a wound to stitch itself up fast. Definitely a great one for the first aid kit or to keep in the kitchen.

When it comes to brain health, hinoki has been shown to directly preserve and protect brain tissue in the face of neurodegenerative disease. Through its ability to protect unaffected cells/ neurons, it may be able to slow the progression of illness, allowing for a better quality of life with these debilitating conditions. Fantastic brain loving combinations might include Turmeric, Frankincense, Copaiba and Palmarosa.

Anxiousness is soothed by Hinoki thanks to its ability to promote parasympathetic activity and inhibit the sympathetic nervous system when it is too dominant such as when we are in a highly anxious state. Numerous studies have demonstrated its effectiveness to transform mood and state of mind from nervous and on edge to calm and relaxed.

Like all tree oils, Hinoki has a positive impact on the respiratory system both cleansing to the lungs and easing inflammation. Coughs, colds, congestion will all be well supported. Try diffusing or applying topically with Copaiba which is great for the bronchial system, Cardamom or Eucalyptus.

Flying insects such as fruit flies and house flies are apparently no match for Hinoki as it can not only repel but also inhibit their ability capacity. Add 5 drops of hinoki oil to cotton balls and place them around your kitchen or diffuse during fly season.

Hope that's a solid rundown for everyone, enjoy your Hinoki when it arrives!!

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