Healing The Womb With Essential Oils

Last night I had the absolute honour of inviting one of my gorgeous co-creators in doTerra Shannele Newberyto chat about all things healing of women in our private customer education group. 

Shannele is an oil intuitive, emotions and essential oils expert, heart on sticks mentor of women the world over who are looking to return to the wisdom of their body.

Subjects we touched on during this epic and beautiful soulful conversation included......
- Shannele's journey through PCOS, Endometriosis, requiring emergency surgery in Bolivia on a ruptured Ovarian Cyst to a fully healed womb and mother of two boys.
- What the Maternal Line is, the significance of The Mother Wound in our lives and how it can be healed.
- The most common themes of struggle for women and how we can work our way through this incorporating rituals with essential oils.
- The significance of the womb as our creative core.
- Overcoming hormonal dysfunction and what that path looked like for Shannele.
- Self Care practices for women and why it is SO important to nourish your body and soul on all levels.

I hope you enjoy listening to this rambling yet joyous discussion about all things woman and take away some golden nuggets of wisdom!

Share it with a Sista or Woman in your life who could benefit from this information and if you have questions for us, pop them below.

Lots of Love.
x Bec

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