My Favourite Podcasts to Feed Your doTerra Brain

Your oil obsessed brain that is........

No matter whether you are building a business with doTerra or just a loved up, oil obsessed customer, boy do I have some awesome podcasts for you to download and get hooked up with.

Podcasts were instrumental to my success with doTerra and staying the course even when I lost my mojo. Knowing that I could plug myself into something that was going to bring me back to a state of motivation and confidence was everything and in an hour, all seemed right in the world again.

During my first year of building my business with doTerra I honestly listened to a podcast a day on all things network marketing and essential oils. I was like a sponge absorbing information from multiple sources at a time and just itching to learn as much as I could to apply to my workshops and give to my customers.

And now I want to gift my favourites to you so that you may also experience the same support that I did as you begin living an essential oil lifestyle.

1. Ange Peters and HOL:FIT Talks podcast is a love affair for me that began two years ago with her Weekly Facebook Live Q&A sessions. Ange is my hero and lady crush for really good reason. She inspires with her unique outlook and knowledge of the essential oil industry, the network marketing industry, doTerra of course and wellbeing in general. She seeks to drive us all to be better humans to make a better planet for everyone. Ange is all about stepping into leadership, growth and questioning the status quo. Some of the most fantastic conversations can be found here about all things health, oils and humanity.
Download Here 

2. Alice Nicholls and her All Rise Up podcast is simply EPIC for customers and biz builders alike. Alice is all about the sharing of collective wisdom and empowering as many people as possible with the tools and knowledge they need to get the most out of their oils, how to share them in a non sleazy way, why doTerra is so different and the opportunities that are available to everyone when they open an account with doTerra. With some of my favourite doTerra Educators interviewed, the debunking of essential oil myths, outstanding support for the biz community and testimonials from dozens of oil obsessed people around the's a must listen.
Download Here 

3. The Essential Oil Educator was brilliant until it was discontinued! All of the episodes are still available though so I definitely recommend to still download it. This is a doTerra specific oil education series with some amazing interviews with Biochemists, Nutritionists, Functional Medicine Practitioners and how they personally use and incorporate the oils. I learnt SO much from this series when I first became a member with doTerra and I highly recommend working through all the episodes because there is tonnes of juicy information to help with your oil journey.
Download Here

4. Amplified Network Marketing with David T.S Wood.
Bare with me because this podcast is pretty cheesy but really fun! David is a dead set legend, tells killer Dad jokes, plays hilarious music and in between all that shares some of the most amazing nuggets of wisdom that really did lay down the foundation for my adventure into growing a Network Marketing Biz. My mentor Tara Bliss told me to start at episode 99 and listen to that first before going back to episode 1. That's exactly what I did and it shaped my mindset for what was to come. I owe my hunger and drive in that first year to David. My first year with doTerra was spent listening to 1 episode every day on repeat. No joke.
Download Here

5. Dr Eric Z with Melissa Ambrosini is such a worthwhile episode to download for an hour and fifteen minutes of riffing about all things oils. How to use them, why they work, how they work, why using the best oils is super important. Dr Eric Z has been working with essential oils, specifically doTerra for decades. Formally trained as a public health researcher and aromatherapist, Dr. Z is the founder of the Essential Oils Revolution summits and Essential Oils for Abundant Living Masterclasses.
Download Here

Happy listening guys, I hope you get as much out of them as I did. I would LOVE to hear any golden nuggets you take away from these so hit me up in the comments below.

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