Essential Oils to Avoid with Blood Thinners

It's been a bit of a tumultuous time for Warren and I this past month or so with a few hospital visits under our belt. In late November, Warren was found to have Deep Vein Thrombosis in his right calf which ended up in his lungs resulting in multiple Pulmonary Embolisms.

Let's just say it was a very close call and a frightening experience for us both given we thought it was nothing more than a pulled muscle we were dealing with. Crazy right?!

It seems to be a spontaneous occurrence which indicates that it could be a genetic predisposition. Further testing will tell us in a few months time.

As a result of this, he's now on blood thinning medication to dissolve the remaining clots and prevent new ones until we can find the cause. Obviously this is something we are both rather unhappy about given our personal beliefs about Big Pharma, but in this situation, it's a life threatening circumstance we have on our hands so we must follow the protocol dictated by the doctors....even when side effects are evident.

There will always be a time for conventional medicine but I will say that I am never going to get used to the idea of needing to worry about a simple cut or fall having the potential to result in a serious bleed that cannot be stopped because there is no antidote to the drug. Kinda feels just as risky as the actual DVT to me.

When it comes to essential oils, I'm diving deep into the research to understand which essential oils are safe to use on and around him given that many have natural anti-coagulation properties (Mumma Nature, you are SO smart) that could interfere with his medication in a serious way.

To give you an example, if I was to use Deep Blue or Wintergreen on him right now which are high in Methyl Salicylate, I could potentially thin his blood out way too much which could result in a potential haemorrhage.

Methyl Salicylate is what good old Aspirin is derived from friends and is often prescribed as a precautionary daily dose for hundreds of thousands of people with cardiovascular concerns.

It's made me just a little nervous admittedly but the confidence is returning as I keep sinking my teeth into the research. Knowledge is power. Staying in a state of fear is disempowering and that helps no-one so I choose to arm myself with knowledge.

My hope is that once we are clear of this critical period, we can taper off the medication and introduce supplements and essential oils such as the Lifelong Vitality Supplements, Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex and DDR Prime to name a few, which all have natural blood thinning and circulatory system supporting properties.

For now though, those on blood thinning medication such as Warfarin or Xarelto need to steer well clear of numerous essential oils including diffusing of the oils.

Essential Oils to Avoid with Blood Thinners

Please note that there may be some oil blends not included in the list I've put together and you will need to check the ingredients of each blend. Remember that this information is doTerra specific as they are the only brand of essential oils I trust inherently.

Unfortunately the Lifelong Vitality Supplements, Deep Blue Polyphenol and Mito2Max are a no-go as well until you are either off the medication or looking to reduce your dose with the help of a physician.

I just want to reiterate here that avoiding these products is necessary because they are packed full of too many amazing ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10 and Ginseng that naturally support the circulatory system and may in theory, amplify the effects of medication. It is not because they are 'no good'.

It's a little ironic that the oils we have to avoid are the very oils that have the ability to do exactly what the medication is doing.......knowing this does give me oodles of hope though that we can successfully make the switch from pharmaceuticals to plant medicine when we are given the all clear.

Essential Oils to Avoid with Blood Thinners

So there you have it guys, I hope this information is helpful to you or someone you know.

Pharmaceuticals aren't nice but sometimes they are necessary. Essential oils are powerful, doTerra's even more so because of the integrity of the manner in which they are sourced.

Always seek to further your education and understanding of these most pure, plant medicines so that you can feel confident in it's use and in turn, share that knowledge and confidence with others.

x Bec

** Never stop your medication without speaking to your physician as it can be very dangerous to do so. This information is not intended to treat or diagnose. 

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Oct 10, 2019 12:22 AM CST

Thank you so much for your post and information. DVT and Pulmonary Embolism is terrifying. I am so sorry. I want to thank you for your information. It is something I have been researching from a chemistry point of view. You added more info. Thanks. Great post.


Linda Hudick

Aug 20, 2019 07:23 PM CST

Thank you so much for this information. My 19 year old grandson was diagnosed with a blood clot in the calf and 1 on each side of lungs. He is having anxiety and essential oils were suggested. This article was very informative and helped make decisions in his care.


Rebecca Carden

Aug 27, 2019 01:16 AM CST

Hi Linda, Oh my word - I am so sorry to hear about your grandson's experience. At 19.....I honestly am mind blown it has occurred at such a young age for him. Sending you and him all the love in the world to get through this time. It's worth mentioning that a DVT is a symptom of something else happening in the body, go looking for the root cause.


Rebecca Carden

May 25, 2019 05:07 AM CST

Hey Krista, I'm so sorry to hear that and I hope you're doing ok. Yep we're doing well lovely. It's been a long and slow road and we ended up ditching our Haematologist altogether as it was apparent they were going to do all they could to keep him on the med's for life. We found a fantastic Functional Practitioner to work with us and we're focused on repairing all the underlying systemic inflammation that's present before stopping the med's completely. He's currently cutting his tablets in half. Once the FP is satisfied his body is in a super healthy state, we'll stop the med's and transition over to a natural blood thinning protocol of fish oils, nattokinase and maritime pine as well as the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex and Lifelong Vitality.



May 20, 2019 09:12 PM CST

Do you have any updates. I was just diagnosed with a DVT last week and I was a constant essential oil user. I’m certainly at a loss and the medical community does not have a lot of help. Thank you - Krista


Rebecca Carden

Mar 21, 2019 04:17 PM CST

Hi There Kate, Thank you so much for your comment and I am so sorry you've had two DVT's. How scary for you! To give you an idea of what path we are currently on - we're working with a Functional Practitioner to get him off the med's completely as they have given him the awful side effect of constant vertigo. Because the Doc's don't have an explanation for why his DVT occurred they are recommending lifelong use. I am 100% certain we can find the reason for it, be it systemic inflammation, toxicity etc so we've just completed a barrage of tests to get a really clear picture of what's happening in his body. Omega fatty acids, vitamin c and all the other supplements with natural thinning properties definitely increased his symptoms of vertigo and amplified the thinning properties of Xarelto. I'd steer clear of taking them whilst you are on Xarelto. I'll let you know how we go with getting him off the drugs xxx



Mar 21, 2019 01:23 AM CST

Thanks for this post, Bec. I have just had a hysterectomy and was researching using oils to help with menopausal symptoms but I have had two bouts of DVT and am taking Xarelto from now on. I was aware of some contraindications of oils (with Warfarin, that my mum takes) but wasn't absolutely sure. Having read your blog post, I've got a clearer picture of how to move forward. Blessings, Kate

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