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Thanks to the ludicrous lock down measures across Australia, significant delays are being experienced in receiving stock. Logistics are proving a nightmare for many suppliers across a variety of different industries. Thanks so much for your patience!

Organic Seaweed Superblend

This Seaweed SuperBlend is a fantastic source of iodine (296mcg per capsule) which is necessary for healthy production of thyroid hormones, cognitive function and a resilient, robust immune system. 

The seaweeds chosen are high in fucoiden, a function to protect the plant from water-borne pathogens and other environmental challenges. Fucoidans are long chain polysaccharide, which is a phenomenal bio active seaweed compound with a variety of health positive actions including maintaining healthy connective tissue, promoting healthy cellular apoptosis and detoxification. 

The function of fucocidens is to protect the plant from water-borne pathogens and other environmental challenges in much the same way that the aromatic molecules of essential oils protect plants from pathogens and environmental challenges. 

Published research indicates the potential for fucoidan compounds to:
* Stimulate key markers of both innate and specific immunity.
* Activate dendritic cells, natural killer cells and T cells.
* Exert potent anti-pathogenic and anti-viral effects.
* Dampen allergic responses.
* Promote anti-pathogenic activity in the digestive tract.
* Exert anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on the gut wall.
* Protect against liver disease and fibrotic damage.
* Reduce symptoms of ulcerative colitis, gut dysbiosis and inflammation.
*Stimulate repair mechanisms on the lining of blood vessel cells.
*Exert anti-inflammatory effect.
*Reduce cholesterol uptake.
*Improve cholesterol and triglyceride balance in the blood.

Just to name a few!                                    

Wild, certified organic seaweed is hand-harvested from the world’s cleanest ocean waters in Southern Tasmania, Nova Scotia off the coast of Canada) and the far flung waters of Patagonia. Each of these areas is renowned for their contaminant free waters and the resulting seaweed used in the Super Seaweed Blend is the worlds only certified organic.
Freshly harvested seaweed is immediately air-dried to preserve maximum bio activity. Multiple tests are conducted throughout the entire process of each batch, to ensure only superior quality products are released that are heavy metal, mycotoxin and contaminant free.

Dosage: 1 capsule daily provides well above the recommended daily intake for healthy adults and pregnant/ breastfeeding women. 

Ingredients: 100% Organic Seaweed blend (86.2%), Organic Ascophyllum Nodusum, Organic Fucus Vesiculosus (Bladderwrack), Organic Wakame, Organic Mekabu, vege capsule.

*Kosher and Halal certified