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Thanks to the ludicrous lock down measures across Australia, significant delays are being experienced in receiving stock. Logistics are proving a nightmare for many suppliers across a variety of different industries. Thanks so much for your patience!

Organic Beef Heart Capsules

Beef heart is one of the richest sources of naturally occurring super-nutrient coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and is also rich in vitamin B12 and collagen. It has traditionally been eaten for its rich folate concentration, iron, zinc and selenium content making this a valuable supplement for pregnant women and men looking to support overall energy levels, heart health, cognitive function and healthy sperm production. 

Naturally occurring, wholefood folate and COQ10 are more easily absorbed and utilised by the body vs the isolated compounds making beef heart a wonderful preconception and pregnancy superfood for both men and women.

Made from beef hearts sourced from Australian organic and grass-fed cattle, simply freeze-dried, milled and encapsulated. No fillers, binders, preservatives, colours, flowing agents etc. NOTHING but organic and grass-fed beef heart.

The beef hearts in this supplement are- 
  • 100% Australian sourced
  • 100% Organic Grass Fed and Finished (No grains ever)
  • 100% Hormone free
  • 100% Antibiotic free
  • GMO free
  • Humanely & Sustainably grown

 Ingredients: 100% Organic Australian beef heart (83.5%), gelatin (capsule).