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Thanks to the ludicrous lock down measures across Australia, significant delays are being experienced in receiving stock. Logistics are proving a nightmare for many suppliers across a variety of different industries. Thanks so much for your patience!

Every Mite - The Original (200g)

If you are a Vegemite lover but hate the artificial colours, flavours and hidden MSG that goes along with it, fear not because we have sourced for you an incredible alternative that tastes like the real deal minus all the crap. 

EveryMite is the allergy-friendly super spread that puts the ingredients lists of conventional products to shame. All organic, gluten-free and nothing artificial means that those with chemical or food sensitivities can again enjoy their favourite spread. 

EveryMite is rich in naturally occurring vitamins such as B1, B2, B6 and C, essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Zinc & 17 naturally occurring amino acids.

 Ingredients: Organic black sesame seed, organic coconut amino's (fermented coconut nectar, bird's eye chilli, garlic, onion, sun-dried sea salt), organic apple cider vinegar, pink Himalayan rock salt. *Free from gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, nuts, eggs and refined sugar.