Hey There! 

I'm Bec..... and what inspires me is helping people become healthier and happier versions of themselves.

Using essential oils as part of our primary and preventative healthcare approach is as natural as breathing. Truth.
No longer are they relegated for hippies and homemakers alone, rather they are being embraced by healthcare professionals the world over. Right now there is a massive movement away from the conventional healthcare model towards once that is more holistic and focuses on empowering the individual to prevent dis-ease rather than treat it.

Essential oils are not only a vehicle towards improved vitality, they are a vehicle to create financial abundance for those who feel called to a greater purpose and mission in life.

With 8 years in the health and wellness industry, an abundance of self exploration and personal experience - I am empowered with the knowledge to help you make the switch to a life more holistic. Whether you are seeking a stronger immune system, happier hormones, less achey joints and muscles, a clearer head and less brain fog, more energy, a happier tummy or better quality sleep...... I've got you covered.

Let me show you why doTerra's essential oils are the missing link in your wellness toolkit.  

If you’re health-minded, heart-centered and motivated to change the world, you’ve come to the right place. Creating a new paradigm for your life, health and happiness is easy when you welcome doTerra into your world.

I know that when we are experiencing brilliant health and abundance, we inspire others to do the same in a way that is rich with integrity, love, compassion and a whole lot of fun. This is how we co-create positive change in our world.

" Every valuable human being must be a radical and a rebel, for what we must aim for is to make things better than they are" - Niels Bohr 

A dysfunctional thyroid is NOT normal. Medication is not necessary. I've created an epic 30 page ebook detailing everything I've done to heal my autoimmune thyroiditis and uncover the root cause for my Graves Disease. The information included is a culmination of all the research, pathology, functional testing and my work with countless experts natural health experts.  Receive the first 10 pages for free right here!


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